Additional courses for SD applicants (Feb 1)

The following additions have been made to the Secondary Division catalog and are now open to applications.

  • Precalculus - Course added
    Online · Requires completion of Algebra II or Integrated Math III, grade of A in current math class, Teacher Referral Form completed by current math instructor, and passing score on placement test. See math application & placement.
    For students planning to enter AP Calculus in the fall. Complete the full year of Precalculus in six weeks. Recommended only for students who are seeking credit or acceleration at their school.

  • Introduction to Neuroscience: Understanding Your Brain - Course added
    On site (UC Berkeley campus)
    For current middle school students with an interest in functional neuroanatomy and cognitive science. This course takes place in a campus lab and requires strict adherence to safety procedures.

  • Introduction to Astronomy & Astrophysics - Course added
    Online · Requires completion of Geometry or Integrated Math II.
    For advanced high schoolers with a keen interest in extending fundamental astronomy concepts into an understanding of astrophysics and modern exploration. Requires a strong math background.

  • Advanced Robotics Engineering - Course added
    On site (UC Berkeley campus) · Requires completion of Algebra I or Integrated Math I.
    For advanced high school students with a keen interest in programming and robotics.