Elementary Division 2024

Family Guide




Good company and stimulated learning await you.

This Guide provides steps for admitted ATDP students to prepare for class. See also our page for general Elementary Division information.


Course Placement

Course placement details, including any wait pool status, can be viewed on your online account by logging into atdp.berkeley.edu/account and going to the COURSE PLACEMENT tab. We attempt to place students in their first choice when possible. Factors in course placement include the date an application is complete (not necessarily the date submitted) and a student’s relative academic performance. Please consider these factors carefully if applying in 2025!

Confirming Your Spot

Whether or not they are planning to attend, each student’s parent/guardian must fill out and submit the online Enrollment Form, which allows ATDP to confirm or release that space in the assigned course. This can be found in the FORMS tab of your online account. Please let us know as early as you can!

Tuition Payment

Tuition payments are due by May 22 for those who applied by our standard deadline, and within 10 business days for applicants applying during our extended period. For families electing to pay in installments, a minimum amount of $100 of your tuition balance is due May 22, with the remaining balance to be paid in full no later than June 27.

See also our Course Placement & Wait Pool FAQs.



Preparing for Class

Good study habits must begin even before the first class! Check off each item below as your summer at ATDP approaches.

  • Review this Family Guide
    You're doing it right now! Well done!

  • Complete your Enrollment Form - due Monday, May 22
    Review the policies and procedures below before agreeing to enroll. See the Course Placement tab in your online account for details and tuition payment instructions. Need to withdraw? See Withdrawal & Refunds.

  • Register for Explorations
    Optional. Students may sign up for ATDP's Explorations workshops & classes, held on Wednesdays. You'll find the online Explorations Registration Form in the Forms section of your online account.

  • Register for Cal Adventures Sports & Arts Camp
    Optional. Cal Rec Sports offers a separate program at Obama Elementary exclusively for enrolled ATDP students. The Cal Adventure Sports & Arts Camp follows the same timing as ATDP classes, so you can complement your schedule for a full day of activity. If you would like to learn more about Cal Adventures or extended care, please call them at 510-643-2267, or visit the ATDP page on their website. To register:
    • Sign up for CampDoc, the Rec Sports registration system.
    • Click “Register For A New Session.”
    • Click “Adventures Youth Camps.” This will expand a selection below the search box. The second group is “ATDP.”
    Registered Cal Adventures students will receive confirmation of enrollment and additional information directly from Rec Sports’ Youth Programs.

  • Attend ED Welcome & Orientation

    Strongly recommended, optional. An orientation for students and families will be held on Saturday, July 6, in the Multi-Purpose Room at Obama Elementary School. See the schedule below for your assigned times.

    At the Orientation, you will hear about program procedures, meet your teacher, familiarize yourself with the school, and have a chance to visit with other students. Although not mandatory, attendance at Orientation Day is strongly recommended for all, as our program is at a different school site this summer. However, if you are unable to attend, you do not need to notify the ATDP office.

    For students in morning (AM) classes, Orientation is 10:00–11:00 AM:
    Students completing
    grades K–3
    10:00 am - Assembly in Multi-Purpose Room
    10:30 am - Meet in your classroom
    Students completing
    grades 4–6
    10:00 am - Meet in your classroom
    10:30 am - Assembly in Multi-Purpose Room
    For students in afternoon (PM) classes, Orientation is 11:30 AM–12:30 PM:
    Students completing
    grades K–3
    11:30 am - Assembly in Multi-Purpose Room
    12 noon - Meet in your classroom
    Students completing
    grades 4–6
    11:30 am - Meet in your classroom
    12 noon - Assembly in Multi-Purpose Room



Attending Class at Obama Elementary

School Map

We are creating a school map that will show the assigned classrooms. When it is ready, we will add it to your online account.


For those interested in forming carpools, your account on the ATDP website will allow you to opt in to the commuter directory. Visit atdp.berkeley.edu/account, select “Course Placement,” then click on the “Commuter Info” button next to your enrollment. Follow the instructions and select your preferences to find matches based on your course’s meeting time, and on the areas through which you may be commuting. ED students also have the option of listing themselves for both AM and PM schedules if they have arranged for full-day activity. By opting in to ATDP’s commuter directory, you agree to make your contact information available to other families using this service. ATDP is not liable for any circumstances resulting from the use of this information. The ATDP commuter directory is provided solely for your convenience. ATDP does not provide any other help or service in arranging for transportation to and from its program locations.

ATDP’s commuter directory is an automated service available only through our website. If you have questions or cannot access the commuter directory online, contact the ATDP office for assistance.

Dropping Off and Picking Up Students

We will review drop-off and pick-up instructions during Orientation and have traffic monitors to guide you during the program.

Class Schedule and Attendance

Classes will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. or at 1:00 p.m. (depending on student’s schedule) on Monday, July 8. Students should come to the first meeting prepared with a folder/binder, writing implement, and a snack for recess. Other supplies will be provided. Prompt and regular attendance is required in all classes. Please make sure you’re familiar with our attendance policy.

In case of illness, a parent should call the Obama Elementary office at 510-231-1456. The ATDP staff at Obama Elementary phones home on a daily basis to confirm absences and discuss mitigation or other procedures.

Parents' Space

For parents who wish to remain on campus while their children are in class, a parents’ space may be available. As with all school visitors, parents wishing to stay on site must sign in at the school office each day. They will be given a new visitor’s badge every day they sign in.

Open House

Friday, July 26, during class (times vary). Most classes will open up their doors to families during part of the last day of class (usually the last hour). See class projects that students have worked hard on during the summer session. We will send you a schedule of events after classes begin.

Secondary Division Information Session

Wednesday, July 24, 12:00 p.m. There will be an information session on Zoom for the families of students who will have completed 6th or 7th grade by summer 2025 and are interested in learning about the ATDP Secondary Division programs. Registration information will be sent out during the summer program.



Policies & Procedures

Requesting a Change in Course Placement

All communications regarding changes in course selection or placement must be in writing and sent to the ATDP office through the online Modify Course Selection form. You can find links to this online form in the Course Placement tab of your online account. You may only request courses for which you have not already been considered. You may also use this form to request to be added to the wait pool for a currently closed class or to request a second course (completing grade 4, 5, or 6); see below.

Give the Director at least ten business days to review your request and do not send more than one copy of your request. We often need to wait for spaces to open up before we can make course changes, so please be patient. We will make changes until the second week of June.

If you are requesting a course change and are planning to decline your current course placement, please act promptly in submitting your Modify Course Selection form. We will send you a new course placement notice if we are able to accommodate your request. You will then have ten business days to accept or decline the new offer.

Requesting a second class (for grades 4, 5, and 6)

Students in grades 4, 5 and 6 may apply for a second class and a full day at ATDP. Students taking two classes need to be ready for an entire day in academic classes. Alternatively, Cal Adventures Sport & Art Camp is an option that provides physical activity. Note: financial aid is not available for a second class.

Students request a second class by using the Modify Course Selection form. You can find links to this online form in the Course Placement tab of your online account. Please see the course listings and current availability here on the ED catalog.

Withdrawals & Refunds

If you decide not to accept your course placement, you must select the appropriate option on the online Enrollment Form (in the Forms tab of your account). The form must be submitted no later than Wednesday, May 22, 2024, (Early and Standard window applicants) or within 2 weeks of your course placement offer (Extended window applicants), but please complete it as soon as possible so that another student can be placed in the class. If you need to withdraw after you have completed your Enrollment Form, please email your written withdrawal notice to ATDP.

Prior to the full refund deadline (June 5, 2024), payments are refundable. After this date, refunds are subject to the Refund Schedule; see below. No refund will be made in the case of a student who fails to attend classes or is withdrawn from ATDP for failure to meet the standards of appropriate behavior, including completion of homework. Students with outstanding balances after June 27, 2024 will be automatically withdrawn from the program without refund.

Refund Schedule
Wednesday, June 5 100% Refund of tuition paid to date
Friday, June 21 40% Refund of tuition if paid in full
Friday, July 5 20% Refund of tuition if paid in full
No refund after July 5
  • All withdrawals from the Program must be made in writing (email).
  • Withdrawal date is the email date.
  • The refund amounts indicated are based on tuition paid in full.
  • If paying in installments, refunds are issued only if tuition paid to date exceeds the refund amount according to the percentages above.
  • Refunds will be issued by the end of August.