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Who Made the Decision to Attend ATDP?

What student decision-making means for grades, effort level, and enjoyment of the program Have you ever wondered what ATDP does with the end-of-summer surveys? We use the data for several purposes. Primarily, participants’ responses inform us about students’ satisfaction with their courses and instructors. They also help us learn how we can improve the program for […]

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Paid Learning Experiment


Hi everyone! Please read the following announcement from Lauren Barth-Cohen, one of this summer’s instructors for Introducing Physics: Dear Parents & Students, My name is Lauren Barth-Cohen. I’m a doctoral student at Berkeley. We are looking to recruit high school students for a research study on student’s conceptual learning in science. For this study we […]

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The Research Cycle at ATDP

How Students and Teachers Teach Us About Learning Any teacher, student, administrator, or counselor involved with ATDP will tell you without hesitation that the program exists to serve students. Many of those same folks might also tell you that ATDP’s primary purpose would put it into opposition to the role of educational researchers. They might […]

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