Applying for an accelerated core math course

If you are interested in taking an accelerated mathematics course (i.e., Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II/Trigonometry, Precalculus: marked with the symbol), please note the following admissions requirements:

  1. You must have a grade of A in your current mathematics class, and a strong academic profile overall.
  2. You cannot repeat a math course you have already taken.
    COVID Update: For 2021, we will consider requests from students who petition for an exception to this policy. Please include an explanation of your circumstances in your ATDP application as part of your Letter of Interest.
  3. Your Teacher Recommendation Form must be completed by your current mathematics teacher.
  4. You must take the diagnostic examination given on Saturday, May 15, 2021.

As noted above, acceptance and placement into all accelerated mathematics courses is contingent upon successful passing of a written diagnostic test. If you are unable to take the test on May 15, the acceptance letter will provide instructions on scheduling a date for a makeup test. Results will be mailed and posted online the week after testing.

Students who do not pass their placement test remain admitted to the program. We will work with these students to find a more suitable course placement. Please note that these additional admissions requirements pertain to students applying for accelerated mathematics courses only; they do not pertain to half-year equivalent math courses.

  • Students in Foundations of Algebra do need to take the diagnostic test on May 15, but their score will have no effect on their final placement.
  • There is no diagnostic test for Introduction to Geometric Thinking or Introduction to Higher Algebra.

The diagnostic test is for placement purposes only. Families may be informed of a total percentage score as it relates to placement criteria, but detailed results will not be available.

See also "Choosing a Math Course" under Types of Courses.