Pathway Scholarship


The Pathway Scholarship program awards a select group of highly qualified and dedicated students with additional resources and opportunities at ATDP. In the past, Pathway Scholarships have been awarded to students who attend public, private, and charter schools in Berkeley, Richmond, Antioch, and Oakland.

The scholarship includes

  • A financial award that covers 100% of tuition and program fees for one Secondary Division On-Site course
  • A dedicated counselor for academic support and mentorship
  • Weekly small group meetings with other Pathway Scholars, with a focus on building community and developing a range of academic skills
  • An invitation to present at the Closing Ceremony for Pathway Scholars, near the end of classes (i.e., last week of July)

Who should apply

  • 7th–11th grade students applying for an SD On-Site course
  • Students who are hardworking, academically motivated, and have demonstrated resilience and perseverance in the face of significant hardships
  • Students from households that have demonstrated a need for financial assistance (e.g. FRLP eligibility)
  • Priority consideration will be given to first-time Pathway Scholar applicants.
  • Students who fit the above criteria and have been nominated for the Pathway Scholarship program by their schools (see below)

How to apply

  1. Start an application for an Secondary Division On-Site course.
  2. When prompted in the application on the Financial Aid section, select “yes” to apply for financial aid and opt-in to fax or mail your financial documents. Please carefully read our Financial Aid instructions on how to submit your financial documents.
  3. Complete and submit the ATDP application by the standard application deadline (March 18, 2024).
  4. Write an essay of between 250 and 500 words on the prompt below, and email a Word or PDF document of the essay to by the standard application deadline (March 18, 2024). Be sure to title your essay, include your full name on the document, and include the email subject line “STUDENT’S NAME - Pathway Scholarship Essay 2024.”
    Tell us about a time when you persevered and overcame a personal hardship or adverse life experience. What were the circumstances? How did you manage to overcome this obstacle? What lessons did you learn? Discuss how this experience will help you succeed at ATDP and your future.
  5. Nominations (optional). While all qualified students may apply for the Pathway Scholarship program, schools may also nominate particularly outstanding students for the Pathway Scholarship program by emailing the following information and materials by the standard application deadline (March 15, 2023):
    • A teacher, counselor, or school administrator that has personally worked with the nominated student may write a letter of recommendation of between 250 and 500 words. The letter should specifically address how the nominated student has demonstrated the qualities of a Pathway Scholar (i.e., an exceptional, hardworking, academically motivated, and resilient student).
    • The email should include the full name and contact information of the nominated student and their parents/guardians.
    • The email should include the subject line “STUDENT’S NAME - Pathway Scholarship Letter of Recommendation 2024.”

Scholarship notification

  • Pathway Scholarship applicants and nominees should expect to receive an email notification of award decisions by early/mid April.
  • Pathway Scholarship applicants and nominees will have 2 weeks from the date of notification to accept or decline the award.

For any further questions about applying for the Pathway Scholarship, please send an inquiry to


Pathway Scholar Voices

“In my classes, all the people there are all talented, nice, and really smart. It’s great to be surrounded by other people who are also interested in social psychology and psychology in general.”

– Awahnee Rey

Park Middle School
Student in Social Psychology


“[My favorite things were] making a marshmallow building, making a volcano, and going to the beach to find rocks!”

– Landon Proglio

Aspire Richmond Technology Academy
Student in Earth Sciences: Gee!-ology

“We had a guest speaker, Dr. Worrell, and he gave a lecture on multicultural considerations and ethics, and it was really interesting.”

– C. J. Miles

De Anza High School
Student in Clinical Psychology


“They teach in a fun way. They always try to add fun facts about what they’re talking about.”

– Ricardo Rubalcava

Salesian High School
Student in Introduction to Geometric Thinking