Additional course options for SD applicants (Feb 27)

The following additions have been made to the Secondary Division catalog and are now open to applications.

We have added one new course, back from its pandemic hiatus:

  • Introduction to Biotechnology – New course; TuTh, AM or PM
    On-site (UC Berkeley campus) · For students completing grades 7 or 8 only.
    For current middle schoolers preparing for high school biology. Introduces concepts through hands-on lab work and modern research technologies. This course takes place in a campus lab and requires strict adherence to safety procedures.

Due to high demand, we have added a second section to the following courses:

  • Introduction to Public Speaking – WF PM section added
    On-site (UC Berkeley campus) · For students completing grades 6–9.
    For students who want to develop writing and speaking skills. Covers a variety of speaking styles, oratory, and debate.

  • Introduction to Computer Science: Solving Problems with Python – MWF AM section added
    On-site (UC Berkeley campus) · Open to all qualified SD students.
    For students new to coding with no computer science experience. Covers fundamental concepts in a semester-equivalent programming course. Note: This course has a compressed four-week schedule, beginning June 26 and ending July 21.