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UC Berkeley’s Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP) offers challenging summer classes for high achieving and motivated young scholars.

Since 1982, the program has invited excelling students from the Bay Area and around the world into a unique academic community. We look for strong students from all backgrounds who are hardworking, enjoy learning, and are prepared for an intellectually stimulating and demanding summer class. Courses are taught by outstanding public school, private school, and university instructors as well as industry professionals who have deep knowledge of their subject areas and are committed to helping students think and understand deeply.

We believe gifted education should be a choice for all highly motivated and prepared students. ATDP maintains a financial aid fund to help all qualified applicants attend our summer program, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

Our Mission

To enable all highly motivated and prepared students to pursue their academic passions through rigorous summer coursework in a community of like-minded peers.

Program Objectives
  • To offer students an educational opportunity commensurate with their need to know, think, and express
  • To help our students think and understand deeply
  • To encourage students to rise rapidly through levels of study, seeking and meeting educational challenges as they grow
  • To promote continued development of able young scholars toward a full educational and social life
Learner Outcomes
ATDP students will be able to…
  • successfully complete rigorous and challenging coursework in a chosen discipline,
  • pursue their academic passions and deep interests, and
  • participate in an academic community of similarly motivated peers.

Thank you for your interest in ATDP. We hope to see you this summer!