Elementary Division Location Update

Michelle Obama Elementary

We are excited (and relieved) to share that, as of Thurs Feb 29, we have confirmed the site for our Elementary Division program for 2024. The program will run at Michelle Obama Elementary, located at 629 42nd St, Richmond, CA 94805 (the former site of Wilson Elementary). The school is roughly one minute’s drive from exit 16B on I-80 North, about the same commute time as our previous site when coming from south of Richmond.

The school was very recently built—just in time for the 2020-21 school year—and we are excited about several of its features: suite-centered learning spaces, modern infrastructure, and a flexible layout that was designed from the start with educator guidance. We will be working on logistics, but with a fully enclosed site that has only a few access points bounded by residential streets, this is likely to be very similar to previous years at Washington Elementary.

We regret that the initial rounds of proposed WCCUSD sites did not work out, leading to a delay in confirming our ED school site. Now that the site is confirmed, we hope you will consider helping us to spread the word to friends and families, especially if the location is convenient to them. We hope to see you at Obama Elementary for ATDP’s 43rd summer!