Expanded SD course availability & wait pool process

In response to very high demand in certain subject areas, we are pleased to announced that we have been able to increase availability of courses in the Secondary Division course catalog. Please read carefully about our continuing placement process below. We ask for your patience as our small staff continues to process the large number of applications and requests.

The table below summarizes changes to the SD course catalog since it was originally released. This table also provides information about the process for applicants currently in a wait pool, as well as for other applicants. We will be considering placement for each category of applicant in the following order of priority:

  1. If you are in the wait pool for the same course AND for the same schedule you will be automatically considered for placement; no action is necessary. This is only possible for courses listed as Automatic under “Wait Pool Process” below. Please be patient as we work through considering the large number of applicants in our wait pools.
  2. If you are in the wait pool for the same course but a DIFFERENT SCHEDULE you must request the new schedule through our Modify Course Selection form. Please refer to your original course selection and schedule, listed at the top of the Modify Course Selection form.
  3. If you are in the wait pool for a DIFFERENT COURSE and do not currently have a placement offer, you can request one of the courses below through our Modify Course Selection form. You will receive priority over applicants who are not in a wait pool.
  4. All other applicants will be considered for any remaining spots after we have considered Early and Standard applicants who do not have course placements. This category includes students who are already placed and want to request a course change as well as new applicants applying during the Extended period. Please see the right column for estimated course availability

Please refer to our online catalog for availability updates throughout May and June.


SD Catalog Changes

Course Change Wait Pool Process Availability for New Requests
Crafting Effective Essays Added 1 section, MTh AM Automatic (same schedule) Likely a few spots available
Introduction to Programming Added 1 section, TuTh PM Depends on original preference Likely full
Programming in Java Added 2 sections, MWF AM and PM Automatic (same schedule) Likely spots available
Intro. to Innovation and Entrepreneurship Added 1 section, MW AM By request (new schedule) Full
Social Psychology Added 1 section, TuTh AM By request (new schedule) Likely full
Clinical Psychology Added 1 section, MW PM By request (new schedule) Likely a few spots available
Psychology, AP-aligned Added 1 section, MWF PM Automatic (same schedule) Likely a few spots available
Functional Neuroanatomy New course, TuTh AM By request (new schedule) Pending, see below*

*Our new Functional Neuroanatomy course will first be offered to applicants who are in the wait pool for Cognitive Neuroscience, given the similar subject area.