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Homework/Lab 1 Help Thread

…too. Can anyone explain NTwice? Okay I fixed mah problems. For everyone on MakeOutWord, how do you get the entire second half of the “out” string? Does anyone else thins…

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3239 Off Topic Discussion

…clock. If you set the clocks to be 1Hz you can even have it actually work (1Hz = 1 second so it’ll actually be accurate) inb4 made a multiplier trololol…

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Similarity Project

This is a description of the second project. You have two weekends to do the bulk of the work. It is important that you get started. The first thing to…

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SD 2024 Guide for Online Students

Secondary Division 2024 Guide for Online Students   Course Placement Preparing for Class Policies & Procedures   Welcome to the ATDP online community! ATDP remains committed to helping you make...Read More →