New Secondary Division course offerings

Our 2016 SD offerings feature a selection of brand new classes as well as some unique courses returning from hiatus.

New Courses

These courses have never been offered at ATDP before, and we expect demand for these spots to be very high. As applications are evaluated in the order completed, we strongly recommend applying early!

Writing for the Sciences (grades 9 and up) – This unique writing course will introduce students to research and critical analysis of technical and scientific literature instead of literary fiction. See full description & details.

Entrepreneurship: The Science of Building a Startup (grades 9 and up) – This social sciences course brings the scientific method to the world of business. See full description & details.

Introduction to Engineering (grades 7 or 8) – This natural sciences course is based on a curriculum last offered in 2007, giving younger students a survey of engineering disciplines, from mechanical to electrical. See full description & details.

Introduction to Astronomy & Astrophysics (grades 9 and up; completion of Geometry required) – The form and function of our solar system, galaxy, and the entire cosmos are the subjects of this new natural science class. (This course meets for only four weeks instead of the usual six.) See full description & details.

Returning Courses

Not all Secondary Division classes are offered every summer. If you’ve noticed a course offering that’s disappeared from our catalog, let us know if you’d be interested in seeing it return!

Third-Year Japanese (completion of Second-Year Japanese required) – Our upper level Japanese course returns to fill out our Japanese language track this year. See full description & details.

Web Development (AIC) (completion of Elements of Web Design and a background in programming required) – This advanced computer science course covers both front and back end programming to produce dynamic websites. See full description & details.

Advanced Placement Economics (grades 9 and up) – For college-minded applicants, this social sciences course will prepare students for the 2017 AP exams in both Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. See full description & details.