COVID-19 update: ATDP is going online!

This page will be updated as new information become available. Last updated May 22, 2020.


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Update summary

  • ATDP Secondary and Elementary Division programs will be moving forward with online/virtual offerings of as many of our classes as we are able.
  • We will continue to accept Extended applications in both Secondary and Elementary Division, but will be delaying processing these applications until the online course catalog has been finalized.
  • ATDP staff are working from home and cannot receive post mail or packages, answer the office phone, or reply to voicemail; please email


May 22 Update:

Our online Elementary Division program now has a comprehensive Online Family Guide! Enrolled students may now confirm their spots in class (please reply by May 29), and we will continue to accept extended ED applications through June 11. Please refer to the guide for instructions and details.

We also have recently announced the date and details for Secondary Division Placement Testing.

May 4 Update:

Our online Secondary Division program now has a comprehensive Online Student Guide! Enrolled students may now confirm their spots in class (please reply by May 13), and we will continue to accept extended SD applications through June 1. Please refer to the guide for instructions and details.

At this time, the Elementary Division application process remains closed as we continue work to finalize details for the online version of ED. We appreciate your patience!

April 29 Update:

Our online application forms will be temporarily offline for the next few days while we work to update all of our digital materials. Our revised Secondary Division catalog for online courses is just around the corner! SD students who currently have a preliminary course placement will receive details about our online program and instructions to confirm their enrollment soon. Please check back early next week!

April 9 Update:

Due to the University’s decision to continue delivering all instruction remotely through the summer, ATDP will be holding both Secondary and Elementary Division classes via remote instruction in place of in-person classes for summer 2020. We will be working closely with our instructors and doing everything we can to preserve the quality of our courses in this transition. Classes that cannot be delivered remotely may be cancelled, while others may be added.

Please be patient with us as we continue to revise and update our processes and materials to reflect this major shift in operations. While many families will be receiving information about their student’s preliminary placement in courses soon (keep an eye on your email!), we will not ask for commitment from students until more information regarding ATDP’s transition to online instruction has been finalized.

March 19 Update:

UC Berkeley’s Mail Services has been suspended until campus offices reopen. Please do not mail materials or applications. To apply, use our online application system (requires login). If you need to send supplemental or missing materials, please email documents to . Teachers can submit the Teacher Recommendation Form online at

We have been working hard to reconfigure our process to allow us to continue working from home. If you have sent us an email in the past week, we should be able to get to it within the next few business days. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Please be safe and stay healthy!

March 17 Update:

Due to shelter in place orders, our staff has moved almost entirely to remote work options. We will no longer be able to answer the phone and respond to voicemail messages, so please be sure to email your questions and requests if you require a response from the office staff ( We are aiming to continue accepting and processing program applications to the best of our ability, but given this disruption to our usual operations, there may be delays in our responses to your submissions. We appreciate your patience during this time.

We are also currently investigating options to deliver all placement notifications and acceptance packet materials via digital means in lieu of a normal paper mailing, in order to help us meet our stated notification deadlines. Please keep an eye on this space for future decisions regarding this change.

March 16 Update:

Due to social distancing measures on the UC Berkeley campus, staffing levels at the ATDP Main Office in University Hall may be unpredictable. Many of us on staff will be telecommuting. Our ability to answer the phone and reply to voicemail messages may be limited. We highly recommend using email ( or fax (510-642-0510) for all correspondence. If you must visit our office in person, please call ahead (510-642-8308) to ensure a staff member is present and the office is open.

Despite this change to our usual business hours, we are aiming to continue to process applications and meet notification mailing dates as usual. If there are any changes or delays to our usual process, we will update this page with specific information.

March 10 (original post):

ATDP and the UC Berkeley campus are closely monitoring the evolving situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. At this time, there are no plans to cancel any ATDP Elementary Division or Secondary Division programs for summer 2020. We are continuing to accept applications, and we will continue to follow our established calendars for acceptance decisions and program dates.

As Department of State and Center for Disease Control (CDC) updates about COVID-19 are released, the UC Berkeley campus will make decisions about summer courses and programs if and as necessary.

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