Community Newsletter, Vol. 4, I. 1

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Stay tuned! In December’s issue, subscribers will get a sneak peak at our course descriptions for summer 2012.


Welcome to Volume 4 of our ATDP community newsletter.

With this issue, we are joined by a group that has been a vital contributor to ATDP from its inception and is now is participating in this broader forum—the teachers who write insightful and vastly helpful recommendations on behalf of their students applying to ATDP.  We all look forward to an even richer conversation among our expanded group of ATDP parents, students, alumni, and education professionals all dedicated to providing academically talented students a rich and deep education. As each article and section of the newsletter concludes with an invitation for you to participate directly in the conversation, please share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with us. We have a great deal to learn from each other.


Adena E. Young
Interim Director


Frank C. Worrell
Faculty Director