Updates to the 2023 SD Catalog

For those who become familiar with our courses year after year, or for those who are just curious what’s new, here are the major updates to our SD catalog compared to last year. Links lead to detailed course descriptions.

  • Applied Physics has returned from hiatus! Instructor Kaushik Basu has reimagined this course to make use of a now-common accelerometer: the ubiquitous smartphone! This and other tools will help high school students investigate the principles of Newtonian motion before entering calculus.
  • First-Year Japanese now requires a passing score on a readiness test. To prepare prospective students, we have worked with the instructor to release a free self-paced prep course! Find links and more information in the full course description.
  • To help students better compare our programming courses, the courses below have been renamed. The course curricula remain the same, and per our standard policy, students who have completed these courses in the past are not eligible to take them again. Note: we anticipate that we may be able to offer additional course sections of these courses, pending teacher recruitment.

Additions and changes to the catalog may occur throughout the spring. Stay tuned to our news page for future updates.

See also our Elementary Division catalog for courses for students currently in grades K-6.