Teacher Recommendation Form: Now Online!

ATDP’s application season will kick off in just under a month! In a few weeks, the rest of our website will be updated with 2019 program information. We are particularly excited to share that, starting this year, our application process can be completed entirely online, no mailing required! This includes the Teacher Recommendation Form (TRF), a brief form to be completed by an applicant’s current teacher in an academic subject.

For student applicants who want to get an early start, we are making our Teacher Recommendation Form available prior to the opening of application season. This will allow busy teachers more time to provide their student with this required application item. Applicants can now provide their teacher with a paper form or an email request!

  • To request your teacher complete the online form, go to atdp.berkeley.edu/trf/student and enter your information. Then, we’ll send an email request to your teacher with a link to complete your form. When they’re finished, we’ll email you a notification with a TRF code. Finally, once online applications become available, you can enter this code in your online application to complete this required item. (This is a brand new system, so please email us to let us know if you encounter any bugs!)
  • For applicants who prefer to mail their materials, we still offer a paper version of this form. Depending on the program you’re applying for, select the Elementary Division form or the Secondary Division form. Follow the instructions printed on the form, then include the form in a sealed envelope with any other materials you are mailing to ATDP.

Remember, your teacher’s time is valuable! Don’t send them an email request or a paper form before politely asking them for their input. Remember also that ATDP does not review separate letters of recommendation; teachers should complete only the Teacher Recommendation Form (TRF).