Lead and Collaborate in the Classroom


The TA program helps to fortify ATDP’s academic community by providing support for instructors and enrolled students and by creating leadership opportunities for the TAs themselves.

Who are ATDP TAs and what do they do?

Teachers’ assistants in the Secondary Division are advanced returning students who demonstrate strong community involvement and academic leadership. Most are in high school or entering college, and many are concurrently enrolled as students in ATDP courses.

TAs assist course instructors on academic tasks such as scoring quizzes and tests, lab prep work, and individual and/or small-group tutoring. TAs may also be asked to take attendance, do photocopying, relay messages (by cell phone, e-mail or in person) to the ATDP office, and the like.

Why TA?

A teaching assistantship at ATDP is an opportunity to work closely with one of our expert instructors and to act as a role model for other students. The TA program is a great way to strengthen one’s academic network, deepen content knowledge, and gain professional experience. It makes a wonderful addition to any student’s college application or resumé.

As volunteers, TAs are eligible to receive community service credit for their work at ATDP, and this credit can be applied to the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Returning TAs may choose to earn a small stipend instead.

How are TAs selected?

Prospective TAs complete an application form which asks about their academic knowledge, teaching experience, and skills.

Interested students and alumni may apply using this online form.