Explorations 2022 Spotlight

We are excited to share with you our Exploration course offerings for summer 2022. Explorations courses are particularly designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn and interact with subject matter that they might not otherwise experience in a regular school year classroom. With no graded homework assignments or final evaluations, these workshops are an excellent opportunity to investigate and learn something new, just for the sake of learning.

Last summer for first time, we decided to change the enrollment restrictions on Explorations at ATDP and are happy to report that we’re continuing this practice for this summer. Your student no longer has to be taking another class in Secondary or Elementary Division (SD/ED) in order to enroll in an Exploration. A separate, significantly minimized application process has been developed for students who are only interested in Explorations and students are not limited in the number of Explorations they may sign up for.

Students who are already enrolled in ATDP via Secondary or Elementary Division may skip this application and go straight to Exploration registration, available in their online accounts.

Explorations are being offered both remotely and on site for this summer, so please review course information closely to make sure you are signing up for what you want.

Please see below for featured examples of Explorations being offered this summer!

  • Chess Club (grades K-6): Improve your skills atChess Club the “Game of Kings.” If you are an intermediate or advanced level chess player, this is the Exploration for you. Learn more about game play strategies, ways to counter your opponent, and different approaches to winning.
  • Drawing Studio (grades 2-6): Drawing is not just a natural talent; it is something that can be learned and practiced. This Exploration is for students who want to learn the basic skills of drawing. Students will learn how to look carefully at objects, see the shapes they are made from, and then learn to copy these shapes to create realistic-looking drawings of animals, fruit, toys, flowers, and buildings.
  • Personal Finance for Future Leaders series (grades 3-6): Are you a kid boss looking to learn more about being an entrepreneur or just curious about money?Do you want a better understanding of personal finance? Put on your business hat and get ready to learn the basics of personal finance.
  • Introduction to Blockchain Technology (grades 6-11): What is the blockchain? What are cryptocurrencies? Should I be minting NFTs instead of going to college? These questions and more will be answered in this fun and fast introduction to blockchain technology. No previous knowledge or experience required.
  • Diving Into Design With Brand Identity (grades 6-11):ATDP-IMAGE This class will allow students to explore what branding is and why it is important by helping them see the world through the lenses of a designer. The program focuses on design as a way to communicate.
  • Avatars in the Metaverse (grades 6-11): This course is an attempt to understand the technology of the world around us through science fiction. Our main guides will be Babel-17, Neuromancer, and Snow Crash, which we will look at through the themes of words, spaces, and bodies.
  • Introduction to Integrative Health (grades 6-11): Integrative Health practitioners optimize people’s health and well-being by using conventional and complementary therapies that are science-based. Integrative health takes the whole person into account including the mind-body connection. It is becoming increasingly popular and is being utilized by many major health clinics across the country and around the world. This fun Exploration course will introduce students to various modern and traditional oriental medicine modalities used in integrative medicine settings, from acupuncture and acupressure to meditation, qi gong, food therapy, lifestyle health practices, and much more.
  • Emerging Financial Innovations (grades 6-11): In this ATDP-IMAGE3-session series, we will explore “disruptive” financial innovations with a particular focus on app-based digital trading platforms (e.g., Robinhood) and cryptocurrencies. Responsible investing will be emphasized as students learn the basics of investing and the risks and potential rewards relevant to the markets and platforms we discuss.
  • The Revolutionary Left (grades 8-11): This class will serve as an introduction to philosophers of the revolutionary left, centering on the important figures and concepts of Marxism. It will start with the foundation thinkers and lead to more contemporary thinkers in this field of political thought.

You can check out our full Explorations catalog here.

Did something catch your eye or do you have a friend who might be interested? Start an ATDP account to begin your application today! If you’re already a current Secondary or Elementary Division student, you can skip the full application and go straight to picking your Explorations through your existing application. Just check the ‘Forms’ tab of your online account!