Big News! ATDP Secondary Division Courses on the UC/CSU A-G List

High school students walking in front of the Campanile on the UC Berkeley campus

We are proud to announce that many Secondary Division courses are now approved to meet University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) A–G college entrance requirements.

What are A-G requirements?

The UC and CSU systems maintain their own list of minimum requirements, separate from and often more rigorous than high school graduation requirements that students must meet to be eligible to apply to one of their campuses. These consist of 15 full year courses across 7 subject areas (labeled with letters A through G), some of which can be fulfilled by completing two half year courses, completing college courses, or earning certain scores on SAT, Advanced Placement (AP), or International Baccalaureate (IB) exams. See the UC admissions website or CSU admissions website for details regarding the A-G subject requirements.

Who will be able to count ATDP classes toward college entrance requirements?

The UC and CSU applications allow students to report classes taken the summer after 9th grade and later. Core mathematics and full-year language classes taken before 9th grade may also be counted.

ATDP’s goal is for all Secondary Division courses open to 9th graders and above to be A-G approved. Our summer 2020 course catalog indicates which courses are already approved and which are in process. ATDP’s A–G course list at UC’s A-G website includes approved courses for each year going forward. We are continuing to submit courses, and approval may be retroactive, so be sure to check the list before submitting your college applications!

How do I report my coursework on my college applications?

Keep your final evaluation with the grade you received after each ATDP summer; this is your record of your ATDP coursework. Each fall, ATDP updates our website with information about how to include ATDP courses on your college applications (and we also make our best effort to contact any current seniors who have taken ATDP classes!). Starting next year, we will include detailed instructions for reporting A-G approved courses to UC and CSU.