ATDP is hiring, seeking talented instructors

ATDP unites teachers who love to teach with students who want to learn. We are in constant search of high-energy, passionate instructors, co-instructors, and instructional associates (IAs) for our summer courses. For summer 2022, several specific openings are still unfilled; please see below for the list of courses by program.

Interested candidates may apply through UC Berkeley’s recruitment portal, here: (external candidates only)

If you are currently working or enrolled at UC Berkeley, please inquire at directly.

Elementary Division

Classes are in person at Washington School in Pt. Richmond except where noted.

In addition to Instructor positions, Instructional Associate (assistant) positions are also available.

  • Mathematicians’ Playground (gr. 3)
  • Physics of Motion and Force (gr. 5)
  • Digital Inventions (gr. 5, AM only)
  • Human Physiology (gr. 6)

Secondary Division

On campus or online, as listed. In-person classes are held on the UC Berkeley campus. Online classes are held over Zoom.

  • The Writing Process (gr. 7/8; online)
  • Crafting Effective Essays (gr. 8/9; online)
  • Advanced Creative Writing (gr. 9-11; online)
  • Fundamentals of Art (on campus preferred)
  • Introduction to Data Science (online preferred)
  • Introduction to Programming (online preferred)
  • Programming in Java – AP Aligned (on campus preferred)
  • Foundations of Algebra (gr. 7/8; online preferred)
  • Algebra I (online preferred)
  • Introduction to Geometric Thinking (online preferred)
  • Introduction to Engineering (gr. 7/8; on campus preferred)

Global Programs

CFM partner program: students are from China, Taiwan, and sometimes other countries

Grade level: grades 8 to 11

Program Dates:  July 11 to August 5
Location:  Online
Class meeting time:  5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

  • Business, Finance & the US Economy (2 or 3 days per week)
  • American Society and Culture (3 days per week)