Community Newsletter Vol. 1, I. 1


Dear ATDP students, parents, alumni, and friends,

At ATDP we think of ourselves as a family. The program orientations held before each Division begins its session are our family reunions. But right about now, there isn’t any reason why we can’t get together (virtually) one more time before we start talking about 2009.

The newsletter is divided into two sections, FOR NOW and TOWARD THE FUTURE which include items that we think will be helpful to you (and to ATDP) and just plain fun.

We hope that you enjoy ATDP’s first e-newsletter and look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Nina Hersch Gabelko, Director
UC Berkeley ATDP
Frank C. Worrell, Faculty Director
Associate Dean, Grad. School of Education


In summer 2008, ATDP’s head counselor Professor Beverly Vandiver and Nina introduced a program-wide emphasis on teaching our students to become active learners. ATDP-IMAGEWe featured a two-part series in the Secondary Division’s weekly summer newsletter outlining the what, why and how of active learning. Such knowledge is equally beneficial to all parents as they guide their children’s learning, to upper elementary grade students, as well as to the SD students who were introduced to the process. We hope that you will find our Overview of Active Learning useful. [Continue reading…]

It occurs to us that NOW is a fine time to exercise Bragging Rights! ATDP families have been writing and chatting with us about how much their daughters and sons enjoyed the program and telling us of opportunities their children would benefit from in future years. At the same time, ATDP instructors have been sharing details about why their particular 2008 class was the best, how their class was the most fun and highest achieving ever. We have shared family feedback, including program evaluation summaries, with our instructors. We think that you will enjoy reading a few instructors’ remarks—exercising their bragging rights—regarding their classes and their students. [Continue reading…]

Gary Graves' Beginning Acting class, Summer'08


We are in the process of compiling an ATDP-family list of learning resources for our community. As a modest beginning, we have compiled both a developmental rationale for selecting reading materials and recommendations of books that ATDP students will delight in reading, all the while furthering their social and intellectual growth. As you read this section, note books that you’d love to read and then share with us books you recommend. [Continue reading…]

Speaking of good books, you’ll want to read the definitive account of ATDP—its history, its animating vision—in Nina Gabelko and Lauren Sosniak’s Every Child’s Right—Academic Talent Development by Choice, not Chance. [Continue reading…]



Learn how giving to ATDP and aerobic fitness have been combined by one good friend of the program (and her doggies!)—and what you can do to help ATDP serve students from all backgrounds and to continue to grow.

[ Continue reading… ]

Joyce Ng, a long-time supporter of ATDP, was joined three years ago by these downright-darling-doggies in a unique fundraising effort.