Alumna, Engineer, Math Tutor

Engineer Lopez on site at Cromwell Field, at USC.

When Aimee Lopez was a 6th grader, her two passions were soccer and mathematics. When her teacher Grant Mellor (who gave up teaching in favor of being a pediatrician, but who remains a brilliant educator) introduced Aimee to algebra, she put the same dedication and energy into her studies as she did into soccer—an awesome and rather frightening force, according to her opponents on the soccer field. That same dedication led her to become Civil Engineer Lopez and a member of USC’s graduating class of 1999.

To learn more about Ms. Lopez’s career, already distinguished in someone so young, go to the USC School of Engineering’s profile of her.

This summer, Ms. Lopez is giving back to the ATDP family by tutoring students in mathematics. She will be working with Coalinga-Huron Avenal House, the group founded by Nancy Mellor, of students from the Central Valley coming to live and study on the Berkeley campus every summer for a little over two decades now.

Thank you, Aimee. We welcome you home!