SD Final Evaluations

The ATDP office mailed final evaluations for 2016 Secondary Division students on Friday, August 26. The evaluation includes the final grade, recommendation of credit (if any), and instructor’s narrative. Please note that we cannot release grade and narrative information over the phone.

Evaluations for families with outstanding tuition balances will not be released until the balance is paid in full.


Forwarding the Final Evaluation to Your School

If your grade is a B- or above and your ATDP instructor recommends that you receive credit, we will send your evaluation to your school upon your instruction. If you do not respond, we will not send your evaluation to your school.

Please respond in one of the following ways before Tuesday, September 6, 2016.

1. Go to your Enrollment menu (requires login), click on “Send My Eval” and follow the instructions.


2. Complete, stamp and return the yellow postcard that was enclosed with your mailed evaluation.

If you miss the deadline to respond or need an additional copy of your evaluation, you may mail a separate written request to ATDP with a stamped envelope addressed to yourself or to your school. Allow five business days for us to mail additional copies.


Receiving Credit from Your School

Remember that ATDP recommends credit, but it is your school or district that grants credit by listing your ATDP courses on your high school transcript.

Grades of A+, A, A–, B+, B, and B- indicate a level of proficiency sufficient for us to recommend to your school that academic credit be granted for the course completed at ATDP. In the case of sequential courses, these grades also indicate our recommendation as to whether you are academically prepared to proceed to the next course in a sequence (such as proceeding from Algebra I to Geometry). Grades of Pass and No Pass do not carry a program recommendation for credit, and these evaluations cannot be forwarded to the school.


Listing an ATDP Class on Your College Application

If you are applying to college at a University of California campus, you may include ATDP in Educational Preparation Programs (under Activities & Awards). You may also discuss your experiences at ATDP in your Personal Statement. Applications for other colleges will provide similar opportunities for you to list special programs and elaborate on your academic history.

List ATDP classes under coursework completed only if your school has granted credit for the course and it appears on your regular high school transcript.

NOTE: ATDP courses are not considered UC Berkeley classes. Do not list UC Berkeley as a college previously attended unless you have taken college-level courses offered by the University.


Reapplying and Spreading the Word for Summer 2017

In early January, we will automatically send you the 2017 ATDP catalog and application form, which will contain the information on how to apply for next year’s summer program. For more immediate notification, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter, which is emailed 2-3 times per year and contains important program announcements.

We encourage you to apply to ATDP throughout your high school years, through the summer after 11th grade. In order to return next year, you must maintain a high level of academic performance and scholarly conduct as well as submit a complete, well thought-out application by the returning student deadline in mid-February. Readmission is not automatic. Your past participation in ATDP will give you an advantage for both admission and course placement, but early applicants are still more likely to be placed in their preferred courses.

If you enjoyed your experience at ATDP, please spread word to fellow students or to your school’s principal, GATE coordinator, or counselor. Encourage them to visit our website or call us this fall if they would like additional information or would like to be placed on our mailing list for next summer’s catalog and application. By January, the application and course listings for summer 2017 will be posted here on our website.


Contacting the ATDP Office

If you still have questions about your transition back to school and ATDP course credit, please feel free to call (510) 642-8308 or e-mail Please note that we cannot release evaluation information (grades, narratives) over the phone. The program office is open year-round. All of us here at ATDP congratulate you on your accomplishments. Here’s to a good school year for you! We hope to see you again in the summer of 2017.