On and Around the Berkeley Campus

One of the highlights of ATDP’s Secondary Division is the chance to study, work, and play at the University of California’s most eminent campus. Welcome to UC Berkeley!

Finding your classroom location

If you didn’t have the chance during our Welcome & Orientation day, we encourage you to locate the building in which your class is held well ahead of your first class meeting. Check your online account (requires login) for updated classroom location information. You can search by building name on this online campus map. You can also refer to the ATDP map that was included in your placement packet, which includes driving, parking, and carpool information.

Getting around campus on Bear Transit shuttles

Most ATDP class locations are an easily manageable 10-15 walk from Downtown Berkeley BART and the ATDP office. However, if your class is held in a more distant location (such as Cory Hall), you can take advantage of the campus shuttle. The Perimeter (“P”) Line and Central Campus (“C”) Line offer service to convenient stops all around the main UC Berkeley campus. Most stops are marked on the ATDP map; you can also find detailed schedules and other information on UC Berkeley’s Parking and Transportation website.

Downtown Berkeley stop update: The Bear Transit stop closest to Downtown Berkeley BART has moved just around the corner. Instead of the usual Shattuck & Addison pick-up in front of Scandinavian Designs, continue north up the block to the stop next to the BAMPFA parking lot (just across from the ATDP Main Office in University Hall). See this Google Street View of the location. Note that the 65 AC Transit line does not stop here, and AC Transit has posted a “stop not in use” notice, but this does not apply to campus shuttles.

Your yellow ATDP student ID card is proof of campus affiliation and will allow you to ride the shuttle for free. ID cards are distributed in class on the first day. If you want to ride the shuttle before the first class meeting, the general public fare is $1.

The most convenient stop for students arriving via BART or downtown Berkeley is at the southeast corner of Shattuck Avenue (northbound) and Addison Street, outside the Scandinavian Designs store. Note: Make sure you are boarding a Perimeter Line or Central Campus shuttle, not an RFS or H shuttle. Drivers on these lines may accept your ATDP ID, but these routes lead away from Berkeley’s main campus.

Ridehailing Zones

For those of you who may be using ridehailing services (Uber and Lyft) to come and go from campus, UC Parking and Transportation has established designated pick up and drop off locations for more convenience and efficiency. You can use this map to see where the established zones are so you can best direct your drivers.

Places to hang out before, between, and after classes

Many students may need a place to wait for parents or to study before or after their class. Others who are taking two ATDP courses may want to know where they can take a lunch break. Luckily, there are many convenient spaces on campus to start on homework or grab a bite to eat.

Campus Libraries (map)

There are many quiet spots ideal for study in the many campus libraries. The Math/Statistics Library and the Engineering Library are convenient for students who have classes in Evans Hall. Note that different libraries have different policies regarding admittance of campus visitors; please ask library personnel about their rules first. While ATDP students may not check out books or materials from the UC Library system, they may access the stacks at Doe Library by obtaining a library sticker, available at the ATDP Main Office.

Campus eateries (map)

Cal Dining locations serve both cafe items and grab-and-go food, as well as prepared meals. Cash is accepted. The closest location to Berkeley Way West is Brown’s California Cafe, in the Genetics & Plant Biology Building. Near Barrows Hall, the Golden Bear Cafe is just through Sather Gate in Sproul Plaza. Near Evans Hall, the Free Speech Movement Cafe is part of Moffitt Library at the center of campus.

Wi-Fi on Campus

ATDP students and parents have free access to CalVisitor, a wi-fi service intended for visitors to campus. It provides basic Internet access to websites and allows users to use VPN services to connect to their home institutions or enterprises. No password or special configuration is required to access the CalVisitor network. Learn more about CalVisitor.