Math Placement Testing (Update: Make-ups available)

Update: Test make-up dates are now available

Students’ placement in most math classes is contingent upon passing a placement test. ATDP administers placement tests in Tolman Hall on May 17, beginning promptly at 1:45 PM. Please plan to arrive early to give yourself time to find your testing location. Some instructors may allow non-graphing calculators, so you may wish to bring one with you.




Getting to Tolman Hall

Tolman Hall is located near the northwest corner of campus, at the intersection of Hearst Avenue and Arch Street. Street parking can be challenging near campus, and we encourage families to use public transit if possible. Berkeley’s Parking and Transportation office also maintains comprehensive visitor parking information.

Driving to Tolman from Interstate 80 (Northbound or Southbound)
  • Take the University Avenue exit and proceed eastward about 3 miles (toward the hills) until you reach the western edge of campus, at Oxford Street.
  • Turn left (heading north) on Oxford and change to the rightmost lane.
  • Two blocks further, turn right (heading east) onto Hearst Avenue.
  • Tolman Hall is on the right, at the traffic light at the intersection of Hearst, Arch, and LeConte.
Driving to Tolman from State Route 24 (Westbound)
  • Take the Highway 13 North exit shortly after exiting the Caldecott Tunnel. Proceed along Highway 13 (it turns into Ashby Ave.) until you reach Shattuck Avenue.
  • Turn right onto Shattuck (heading north) and proceed until you reach University Avenue.
  • Turn right onto University Avenue (heading east), then left at Oxford, a block away. Two blocks further, turn right (heading east) onto Hearst Avenue.
  • Tolman Hall is the third building on the right, at the intersection of Hearst, Arch, and LeConte.

Once you’ve arrived at Tolman Hall, enter the east wing (Graduate School of Education) at either the first or second floor. You will see classroom assignment maps posted near the doors.


Finding your testing location

Testing classrooms are assigned by instructor, and are located on the second through fifth floors of Tolman Hall. See the list below to find your course and classroom. Maps of the east (Education) wing of Tolman Hall (see right) will be posted throughout the building to help you locate the room. Family members who would like to remain nearby during testing may wait in room 3635 on the third floor or room 4648 on the fourth floor. Please keep the hallways clear so we can maintain a quiet testing environment.

2014 math testing directions
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3437: Web Development (McDonald) – Room 5509*

3440: Foundations of Algebra (Benedetti) – Room 5634*

3441: Algebra I (Lebow) – Room 2319

3444.1: Geometry (Baird, AM) – Room 4635

3444.2: Geometry (Baird, PM) – Room 4635

3445.1: Algebra II/Trigonometry (Jaw, AM) – Room 3515

3445.2: Algebra II/Trigonometry (Mountain, PM) – Room 3507

3446.1: Precalculus (Basu, AM) – Room 2320

3446.2: Precalculus (Henri, PM) – Room 2326

3447: Advanced Placement Calculus AB (Henri) – Room 2326

*The Foundations of Algebra and Web Development tests are diagnostic tests only and will not affect course placement.

There is no test for students in Introduction to Geometric Thinking.


What if I can’t attend on May 17?

If you do not take the placement exam, you will not be allowed to take the math class you are enrolled in at ATDP this summer.  In order to confirm placement in one of these courses, students who missed the testing date must take one of the following scheduled make-up tests:

  • Tuesday, May 27, 3:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Friday, May 30, 4:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Thursday, June 5 30, 3:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Sunday, June 8, 1:45pm – 3:45pm (after Student Orientation)

Make-up tests will take place in the ATDP Office (70 University Hall).

Please contact the ATDP office (510-642-8308; at least one business day prior to your preferred test date to sign up and to ensure that we’ll have your testing materials ready.

Testing will start on time, so please arrive a few minutes early. We will provide scratch paper, but you should bring a pencil.

 If we do not hear back from you, your spot in your class will be relinquished.


What if I don’t pass the test?

The test measures your readiness for (and not your current knowledge of) the math course you requested. For most students, your score will confirm that the original placement was correct. In the past, a large majority of students have received passing scores.

However, if your score is low, we may need to find a more appropriate course placement for you. Students whose test results indicate inadequate preparation for a very accelerated math course cannot take that course at ATDP, but we will gladly work with them to place them in an alternative course.


When will I know the results?

ATDP will mail home placement test decisions near the beginning of June. You may also access your result via your online account’s enrollment menu.