Including ATDP courses on your college application

To the class of 2017: we hope many of you are already busy with the prospect of starting your college careers. We have important information about including your ATDP experiences on college applications.

If your school has granted credit for a course, it will appear on your regular high school transcript. On college applications, you should then list it as coursework completed at your high school.

When completing college applications, do not list UC Berkeley as a college, university, or other post-secondary institution you have attended. If you list ATDP as UC Berkeley, the colleges to which you are applying will ask you to provide a UC transcript; however, the UC Registrar’s office does not have ATDP records, and an ATDP evaluation is not a UC transcript. ATDP offers high school courses taught at the honors or advanced level.


For UC’s online application (


UC application example
UC application example screen

Discuss ATDP participation in your Personal Statement

List credited ATDP courses in Academic History (Step 2, Part 2)

Do NOT list under “Colleges & Courses” Section.

Include ATDP in Educational Preparation Programs (Activities & Awards, Step 2)

  • Hours per week
    • 5 unit course (except those below) - 7 hrs per week
    • Advanced Biotechnology (2016) and Intro. to Astronomy & Astrophysics (2016) - 10.5 hrs per week
    • 10 unit course (except AP Biology) - 10.5 hrs per week
    • AP Biology - 21 hrs per week
  • Weeks per year
    • All Secondary Division courses (except Advanced Biotechnology and Intro. to Astronomy & Astrophysics) - 6 weeks
    • Advanced Biotechnology and Intro. to Astronomy & Astrophysics - 4 weeks
  • Suggested brief description of the program
    • "UC Berkeley's ATDP offers challenging summer classes for highly motivated young scholars. Students are invited to attend based on exceptional academic talent."


For the Common App:


Discuss ATDP participation in your Personal Statement

Include ATDP under Extracurricular Activities & Work Experiences

List ATDP classes taken after 9th grade under Colleges & Universities (in the Education section)

  • Search by name or city ("Berkeley") and select "University of California: Berkeley"
  • Confirm the correct UC Berkeley CEEB code: 4833
  • Check ONLY the "taught on college campus" (CO) box
  • Do NOT check "transcript available"
    • College transcripts are issued only for college courses, not ATDP’s high school courses

ATDP wishes you the best with your college application process!