How Did They Do That?

As high as expectations are at ATDP, students and teachers frequently exceed them. Sometimes, students reach heights that amaze and delight their instructors, and catch the students themselves unawares. Of course, on other occasions, ATDP instructors exceed their students’ hopes for how much can be taught and accomplished in twelve or eighteen meetings.For this issue, we asked four ATDP instructors — Paul Bruno, teaching Human Anatomy & Physiology (grades 5 and 6); Daniel Wolf-Root, teaching Extra-Terrestrial Trigonometry (grades 5 and 6); Junko Hosoi, teaching First-Year Japanese (grades 7-10); and Paul Bulakowski, teaching Cognitive Neuroscience (grades 10 and 11) — to select from among their students’ accomplishments to share with us particular ones that left the instructors scratching their heads and asking themselves, “How did they do that?”