Get ready for application season!


New Application Dates

This year, ATDP is expanding its Secondary Division and Elementary Division application deadlines. In addition to our standard application deadlines, we have an Early application period and an Extended application period. For a complete list of dates, see our program calendars.

Early Application. A limited number of spots in each course will be reserved for early applicants. Early applicants must fill out the application form using an online account, and they may receive early acceptance decisions there. As in previous years, returning students will receive priority if they apply early. Based on the number and relative strength of other early applications, an early applicant may be automatically converted to a standard applicant if no early acceptance decision is possible.

Extended Application. For courses that still have open spots after the standard application period, we will accept applications—through May for Secondary Division and until June 7th for the Elementary Division—on a rolling basis. Note that financial aid will no longer be available for applications completed after the standard application deadlines.


Teacher Review Form

The Teacher Review Forms for summer 2018 are now available! For applicants
interested in applying by our early deadlines, we recommend you provide this form
to your academic teacher before the winter break. This should provide them with
ample time to fill out the form.

Secondary Division TRF (grades 7-11)

Elementary Division TRF (grades K-6)



  1. Good morning! When will the online application process be available to complete for 2018 session. Tried to complete today and it is “closed.” Thank you