Class Attendance & Campus Courtesy

Attendance Policy

Attendance is taken shortly after each class session begins (8:30 am or 1:00 pm), so it is important to be on time for class. The ATDP office staff immediately calls the parents of absent students to ascertain the reason for the absence. If you know that you will miss all or part of a class meeting, please inform your instructor and the ATDP office right away and in writing. Students who incur more than two absences for any reason may not be eligible for course credit and can be dropped from the program without refund.

If a student must leave class prior to the scheduled end time, the student’s parent or guardian must submit a written request at least one day in advance to the ATDP office stating the date, time, reason, and travel arrangements for the early departure. Arrangements will be made by the office with the parent for the student to be picked up. The office will provide a sign-out form, which the instructor must have the parent complete at the time of pickup. If a student plans to leave alone (e.g., on BART), the parent must provide written permission at least a day in advance. If a student is ill or needs to be picked up unexpectedly, the parent must check in at the office and obtain a sign-out form before retrieving the student from class.

Thank you for helping to keep ATDP students safe and accounted for!

Campus Courtesy

Because we share our working and recreational space with many others who are employed in a variety of academic pursuits all over the Berkeley campus, courteous, appropriate behavior is required of all participants in ATDP. Most campus classrooms and offices share a limited amount of space. Activities in these rooms range from lectures and discussions to research and quiet contemplation. Custodial services are limited. Therefore, students should:

  • take breaks outside
  • walk and talk quietly in the corridors
  • in Tolman Hall, use the stairs when possible
  • pick up after themselves, leaving facilities orderly and clean
  • always remember that we are guests in the building

The success of ATDP’s relationship with the University and its personnel depends on our students’ attention to courteous behavior.