Applying for the Extended Deadline

ATDP gladly accepts applications completed after the early postmark deadlines, which have now past. Our extended deadlines are:

  • Secondary Division: May 25, 2017
  • Elementary Division: June 9, 2017

We make placement decisions on a continual basis until all spots are filled. There are two major considerations when applying for the extended deadline:

  • Your application is subject to space availability.
    Some of our most popular classes fill even before the new student postmark deadline. Our online course listings show which class sections are closed and which are still accepting applications. Browse the Secondary Division catalog or the Elementary Division catalog for updates.
  • We are unable to consider your application for financial aid.
    ATDP’s aid awards are based on the total number of families requesting support and the size of our financial aid fund. We cannot allocate awards fairly as these numbers change after the early deadlines.

Tips for late applicants:

  • Send your application in its entirety, not in parts. This helps us process your application faster and get it to its placement director sooner.
  • Include afternoon classes in your choices. Our AM class sections have a general tendency to fill faster than the PM sections. If you can attend an afternoon class, this might increase your chances at getting placed in the course you want.
  • Watch your email. If there are any issues with your application, ATDP will attempt to contact you through the email address you specified on your application form. Make sure your email client is not blocking messages from


  1. Hi, I have a question. I signed up for a PM class, and I would like to switch to an AM class. Is that possible?

    • It’s possible, but not as likely as going the other way; AM classes seem to be popular, and they fill first and fast. If you want to switch sections of a course to which you’ve already been admitted, then it’s just a matter of there being space. If you want to switch to a different course, we may need more information from you. Either way, send us your request in writing (email is easiest for everyone), and we’ll take a look!

  2. What is the late submission deadline?

    • We don’t have specific deadlines after the initial ones. As long as a course still has open spots, we will list it as “accepting applications” in its online catalog entry. It’s always to your benefit to apply early for the best chance.

  3. Um, is there a form I can fill out to request a different class then the one I got accepted into? Because I specifically remember needing to do that last year to get into my desired class.

  4. Just to clarify, as long as there is still space in my selected course, I still have the opportunity to apply, correct? Even if I send in my application now?

  5. I applied for a class when it was not full. Now is hows full. Some of my application material is still pending. Am I in or there is no point sending the material at this time?

    • Oops! Almost missed this. It really depends on the particular class. We always get a certain percentage of withdrawals, but we can’t predict when or which class they’ll be from. If a course has a small wait pool (or no wait pool), it might be worth applying in case a spot opens up.

  6. What is the process for adding a second class? Is there someone to contact for permission? Do we need to go thru the entire application process again?

  7. Ayushi Malhotra

    How long does it take to process an application?