Featured ED & SD Courses for Summer 2014

Elementary Division Courses

Completing Kindergarten: Fun with MathSeashore SciencePlanet Ocean

Completing 1st grade: Mathmagic!; Earth Sciences: Gee!-ologyAncient Greece through Myth, Math, & Science

Completing 2nd grade: Jazz Up Your WritingExploring Light and VisionMath for the Real WorldRainforests

Completing 3rd grade: Authors' CornerHuman AnatomyMathematicians' PlaygroundThose Wonderful Simple Machines!

Completing 4th grade: The Artists' StudioThe Invisible Living WorldThe Art and Science of MathFluid PhysicsEgyptology

Completing 5th grade: The Art of PersuasionLab ChemistryCreating Music, Movies & Games with ComputersThe Physics of Motion and Force

Completing 6th grade: Human PhysiologyExtra-Terrestrial TrigonometryWriting for Secondary School

New Secondary Division Courses
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Shakespeare's classic works will come alive in Shakespeare on Page and Stage with Jonathan Shelley! Students completing grades 9 and up will read and analyze dramatic texts with emphasis on how these plays might appear on stage. The course will also include viewings of film adaptations and a live production at the California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda.

Gaius Stern will be offering two new courses this summer. In Ancient Greek, students in grades 7 and up will learn the basics of a language that is the source of many English words, including many of the terms we use in Biology and Anatomy! The class will also read some Ancient Greek, including passages from The Iliad and Herodotus’s account of the 300 brave and defiant Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae.

Students interested in analyzing modern applications of ancient Greek and Roman stories (think Percy Jackson and O Brother, Where Art Thou?) might want to check out Interpretations of Classical Mythology, for students completing grades 8 and up.

Take an in-depth, hands-on approach to Newtonian physics in Applied Physics: Understanding Mechanics through Tinkering and Problem-Solving! This course, led by Kaushik Basu, is open to students who have completed Algebra II/Trigonometry.

New to our Computer Science offerings this year is Computer Security, taught by Abraham Liao. This course, for students who have completed Programming in Java or equivalent, will use coding projects, case studies, lab exercises, and lectures to introduce topics including cryptography, network security, and software security.