Pathway Scholarship


All ATDP applicants have the opportunity to request need-based financial aid as part of their application. Separately, ATDP invites Bay Area schools to nominate one or more individual students for its Pathway Scholarship. This award is donor-funded, and provides additional support beyond ATDP’s limited financial aid budget. Pathway Scholars receive:

  • A financial aid award that covers 100% of tuition and program fees for one Elementary or Secondary Division course
  • A dedicated counselor for academic support
  • An invitation to the closing ceremony for Pathway Scholars, near the end of classes

As of 2021, the following Bay Area schools have participated in the Pathway Scholars program:

Dallas Ranch Middle School Antioch
Park Middle School Antioch
Berkeley High School Berkeley
Aspire Richmond Technology Academy Richmond
De Anza High School Richmond
Salesian College Preparatory Richmond

If you work in a Bay Area school and are interested in nominating students for the Pathway Scholarship, please send an inquiry to We encourage schools that serve underrepresented or low-income student populations to participate.

Pathway Scholar Voices

“In my classes, all the people there are all talented, nice, and really smart. It’s great to be surrounded by other people who are also interested in social psychology and psychology in general.”

– Awahnee Rey, Park Middle School

Student in Social Psychology

“[My favorite things were] making a marshmallow building, making a volcano, and going to the beach to find rocks!”

– Landon Proglio, Aspire Richmond Technology Academy

Student in Earth Sciences: Gee!-ology

“We had a guest speaker, Dr. Worrell, and he gave a lecture on multicultural considerations and ethics, and it was really interesting.”

– C. J. Miles, De Anza High School

Student in Clinical Psychology

“They teach in a fun way. They always try to add fun facts about what they’re talking about.”

– Ricardo Rubalcava, Salesian High School

Student in Introduction to Geometric Thinking