The information below may be out-of-date for our 2020 online program. Please check our COVID page for updated links and changes.


Elementary Division Courses

Our classes unite teachers who want to teach with students who want to learn. While our classes are academic, they are also age-appropriate and activity-based. Each course focuses on one specific subject, allowing students to gain deep knowledge. The inspired curriculum makes learning fun.

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Classes meet three and a half hours each day and are held four days a week (no classes on Wednesdays) for three weeks. Morning classes are from 8:30 a.m. to noon, and afternoon classes are from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. Classes include a 30 minute recess period. For estimated maximum homework times, see each course description. Students who require full day care may also enroll in Cal Adventures (on class days) and ATDP’s Wednesday Explorations program (on Wednesdays), which are also held at Washington School. Students completing Grades 4 to 6 with strong academic records are allowed to enroll in a second academic class if there is space. The invitation to enroll in a second class is sent with the acceptance packet.


Selecting a Course

Each course will concentrate on one subject area, such as Fluid Physics (for 4th graders) or Creative Problem Solving (for 6th graders). Grades listed always refer to the grade a student will have completed in June. Our course offerings are organized by grade.

We generally recommend that parents discuss all the course options with their child and that they choose together the class that best capitalizes on the child’s academic strengths and deep interests. The subject chosen should be one that the student will want to learn about for three weeks and explore in depth with hands-on projects and interesting activities.



Additional Activities

Other on-site activities are available for an extra fee. These are designed to complement an ED course for families who want a full-day or full-week schedule.