Tuition & Payment





Tuition fees for ATDP courses can be found under the individual SD and ED course descriptions. These include base tuition fees and facilities fee, but do not include the application processing fee, nor expenses for textbooks, personal supplies, or transportation. Families will also be notified of their balance due when placement decisions are mailed. For those making a single payment, families will have until the tuition deadline (see rightbelow) to send a check for the entire balance. If a family needs to pay in installments, the first payment of at least $100 must be postmarked by the notification deadline and the remaining balance must be fully paid by Friday, July 26 (the last day of classes).

  • 2019 Tuition Deadlines
  • SD Early: Monday, April 15
    SD Standard: Monday, April 29
  • ED Early: Wednesday, May 15
    ED Standard: Wednesday, May 29

See full program calendars



Application Processing Fee

There is a processing fee for each application. The fee is $50 for domestic students. For international students attending school outside the US, the fee is $80 and must be paid online. This fee is non-refundable. It covers only the cost of application processing and does not apply toward tuition or facilities fees. Available payment methods include:

  • Online payment by credit or debit card (online applications only).
  • Check or money order made payable to “UC Regents.” Write the division (SD or ED) and the student’s first and last name on the memo line. Mail or deliver your check payment to ATDP.
  • Those applying for need-based financial aid may apply for a processing fee waiver if the fee poses a financial hardship. See Financial Aid, right.
We cannot accept cash payments or foreign checks/money orders.



Sibling Discount

For families sending two or more siblings to the program, a $35 tuition discount is available for each student. For example, if two siblings attended, each student would receive one $35 discount from tuition, for a total family discount of $70. This discount is taken from the base tuition fee only, not from the $50 application processing fee or the facilities fee.



Need-based Financial Aid

ATDP is a self-supporting program funded by student fees. However, limited need-based financial aid is available to qualified applicants. We are unable to provide financial aid to international students, those coming from outside of the immediate San Francisco Bay Area, or 11th graders who are new to the program.

Requests for financial aid—complete with supporting documents, tax returns, and schedules—are due by the standard application deadline (see rightbelow). We do not consider applications for financial aid after this deadline. If payment of the non-refundable $50 processing fee poses a financial hardship, attach a signed note of explanation with the tax returns in lieu of the payment.

All admission and placement decisions are made independently of financial aid status. Your application will not be held up pending a financial aid decision. However, we can only evaluate your request for financial aid once we receive all required documents. Financial aid decisions are based on total resources, not only on household income. Applicants' acceptance packet will include notification of the amount of financial aid. Awards cover base tuition only; they do not cover transportation, textbooks, course facilities fees or other expenses. Families who need to pay tuition in installments will have until July 26 to do so. Details will be included in the acceptance letter.

Financial aid documentation is included in step 2 of the SD or ED application instructions.

  • 2019 Application Deadlines for Financial Aid
  • SD: Wednesday, February 27
  • ED: Wednesday, March 27



Refund Policy

A parent whose registered student is unable to attend must withdraw the student in writing and may request a tuition refund. Prior to the full refund deadline, tuition and facilities fee payments are refundable (see rightbelow). After this date, refunds are subject to the ATDP Refund Schedule, which will be included in the student’s acceptance packet.

No refund will be made in the case of a student who fails to attend classes or is withdrawn from ATDP for failure to meet the standards of appropriate behavior, including completion of homework. The $50 processing fee ($80 for international students) is also nonrefundable.

  • 2019 Full Refund Deadlines
  • SD: Wednesday, May 15
  • ED: Wednesday, June 12