The information below may be out-of-date for our 2020 online program. Please check our COVID page for updated links and changes.

Financial Aid




Financial Aid

ATDP’s goal is to invite qualified local students to attend the program year after year regardless of their family’s ability to pay. Bay Area students completing grades K-10 are invited to apply for need-based financial aid. Eleventh Graders who are returning to the program may also apply.

Awards cover up to 100% of base tuition only; they do not cover transportation, textbooks, supplies, course facilities fees or other expenses. The remaining amount due with a full aid award (100%) is shown with each course listing.


Applying for Aid

Requests for financial aid must include supporting documents, typically the family’s most recent federal tax return, with any and all schedules (i.e. the complete return). If the family does not submit tax documents, other forms of proof of income (such as pay stubs, or eligibility letters for free/reduced lunch) may be requested.

If payment of the non-refundable $50 processing fee poses a financial hardship, attach a signed note of explanation with the tax returns or the student’s Letter of Interest in lieu of the payment.

More information is included in step 2 of the SD or ED application instructions.


Financial Aid Deadline

Requests for financial aid must be submitted by the standard application deadline (see rightbelow). Requests submitted after the deadline will be considered by exception only.

  • 2020 Application Deadlines for Financial Aid
  • SD: Wednesday, March 4
  • ED: Wednesday, March 25


Award Decisions

All admission and placement decisions are made independently of financial aid status. Your application will not be held up pending a financial aid decision. However, we can only evaluate your request for financial aid once we receive all required documents. Financial aid decisions are based on total financial resources, not only on household income. Applicants who are accepted will be mailed notification of the amount of financial aid with their acceptance letter. Families who need to pay tuition in installments will have until two weeks before the start of class to do so (see rightbelow).

  • Last Day to Pay in Installments
  • SD: Friday, June 12
  • ED: Friday, June 26