Preparation, Policies & Procedures

Planning on attending ATDP this summer? Here's what you should know.




Each step below is a mark on the path to successfully completing an ATDP summer course. Make sure you're familiar with ATDP's policies and procedures before you apply!

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Placement Mailing

Students who have been accepted to ATDP and who applied by the early or standard postmark deadlines will be mailed an acceptance packet approximately one month later (see calendar). This packet contains a welcome letter with important information, your course placement, tuition payment instructions, our Explorations guide, a map, and the Notification of Attendance or Withdrawal form.

Confirming Placement

To confirm course placement, students who plan to attend must return the Notification of Attendance or Withdrawal, in addition to their emergency information and tuition payment, by the appropriate tuition deadline (according to their application date). See rightbelow.

Providing immunization records. University of California policy requires all students participating in campus programs to provide proof of immunization. Families of students who are admitted to the program should be prepared to provide immunization information for each student when they confirm their course placement. Returning families who submitted immunization records previously will not need to submit them again so long as the records are accurate and on file.

  • 2019 Tuition Deadlines
  • SD Early: Monday, April 15
    SD Standard: Monday, April 29
  • ED Early: Wednesday, May 15
    ED Standard: Wednesday, May 29

See full program calendars

Other Placement Decisions

In certain situations, students may be accepted to the program without a course placement:

In a wait pool. Very popular courses fill quickly. If your first course choice becomes unavailable, we will automatically place you into a pool of applicants to be considered if a spot opens. Unlike a traditional waiting list, all applicants are considered for openings, and we use the same criteria as in our standard application process.

Need alternate course choices. Many factors determine whether an applicant qualifies for a particular course, including prerequisites, grade level, and strength of the academic profile relative to other applicants. If an accepted student does not qualify for the particular course(s) indicated on the application, we will ask for alternates. We are happy to work with applicants to find the best course placement.

ATDP isn’t for everyone! We encourage students who cannot commit to attending ATDP or who have not been accepted to explore other summer opportunities at UC Berkeley or elsewhere. These students are welcome to apply again for summer 2020.



Welcome & Orientation

An orientation will be held for students and families prior to the start of classes (see rightbelow). Although not mandatory, this is a good opportunity for students to meet their instructor and their new classmates, ask questions of the ATDP staff, and become familiar with the school before the start of classes.

  • 2019 Orientation Dates
  • SD: Saturday, June 1
  • ED: Saturday, July 6



Preparation & Planning

For Secondary Division Students

Teacher letter & first assignment: At the end of the orientation program, Secondary Division instructors will hand out an important letter to students, including contact and course information. Most instructors will assign coursework to be completed prior to the first class meeting. This letter will be mailed home to students who do not attend the orientation.

Textbooks: Most course textbooks will be available for purchase at University Press Books, starting from Orientation on June 3 until your first day of class. Some instructors will prepare a course-specific reader purchasable at Bancroft Copy Central. Please note that textbooks and students’ supplies are not included in tuition.

For Elementary Division Students and Families

Parents' Room: For parents who want to remain at the school site while their children are in class, there will be a parents' room. Parents will need to sign in at the school office each day.

Open House: Every class will have an Open House for families during part of the last day of class. Guests will see class projects that students have worked hard on during the summer session.




There are no excused absences at ATDP. As expectations are high and courses are fast-paced, even one absence makes it difficult to keep pace. Therefore, students are expected to attend every class session. Even in the case of unanticipated circumstances, there are some things that cannot be “made up” (such as introductions, class participation, group activities, presentations, or examinations, for example).

If there are special circumstances that will affect a student’s ability to attend every class, please contact the program office; anticipated absences not addressed prior to the full refund deadline will not be accommodated. Barring exceptional circumstances, students who anticipate missing more than one class session will not be allowed to attend the program. If you have concerns about your summer schedule, we strongly advise you to contact our office before applying.


Missing too much class time for any reason may result in dismissal from the program without refund. All matters affecting regular attendance—absence, coming late, or leaving early—must be communicated in writing to the program office (not the instructor) by a parent or guardian (not the student). Anticipated absences not addressed prior to the June 12 refund deadline will not be accommodated. A student’s attendance record will be taken into account in admission decisions in subsequent years.

Independence Day Holiday
SD Only

The UC Berkeley campus will be closed on Thursday, July 4, 2019, in observance of Independence Day. Any course which is normally held on a Thursday will have a make-up class session. Make-up classes will be determined and announced by individual course instructors; most are rescheduled for the week of July 4. Classes will be held as normal on Friday, July 5.



Final Evaluation

Secondary Division evaluations & grades

Upon completing a Secondary Division course, ATDP students will receive a final evaluation from their instructor. Printed on official UC bond paper, this document can be sent to schools as proof of course completion. It includes the instructor’s narrative evaluation of student performance, final letter grade, and whether the student has earned a recommendation of credit. ATDP will send one copy home in August and, if authorized by you, one copy to a selected school at no charge.

ATDP cannot provide a transcript for any of its courses, and the final evaluation is not an acceptable substitute for a high school transcript. Learn more about ATDP’s recommendation of credit.

Elementary Division evaluations

After classes end, parents will receive a final evaluation summarizing their child’s academic progress and interests in class. It will review and report on the student’s performance and achievement.