The Application Process

We make every effort to place all qualified students in their first-choice course. ATDP makes placement decisions on a continual basis, beginning as soon as applications are completed. However, course enrollment is limited, and there are always more qualified applicants than the program can accommodate. Therefore, it is advantageous for both returning and new students to submit their complete applications early, preferably well before the postmark deadlines (see rightbelow). Applications are evaluated in the order they are complete, with first preference in placement given to returning students. Incomplete applications are not considered for placement.

  • 2017 Postmark Deadlines
  • SD returning: Wednesday, February 15
  • SD new & FA: Wednesday, March 1
  • SD extended: Friday, May 26
  • ED returning: Wednesday, March 15
  • ED new & FA: Wednesday, March 29
  • ED extended: Friday, June 9

Am I New or Returning?

The application process is the same for new and returning students. Students must reapply every year, and returning students are not guaranteed automatic readmission or placement in their first choice of course—they must have maintained strong academic records, and must submit their complete applications early. A student who applied in a previous year and then withdrew without completing a course will be considered a new student for admission purposes. Students who have attended the Elementary Division previously and are applying to the Secondary Division for the first time are also considered new students. Applications received after the deadline will be considered on a space-available basis.

Placement Decisions

Approximately one month after the new student application deadline, ATDP will mail all applicants a letter informing them whether they have been accepted. Acceptance packets will include your course placement. Students have until the corresponding notification deadline (see rightbelow) to submit their Notification of Attendance or Withdrawal to indicate whether or not they will be attending the summer session.

Admissions decisions for students applying for the Extended Deadline are made on a rolling basis, and will usually be available within 10-15 business days of receiving a complete application.

  • 2017 Notification Deadlines
  • SD: Wednesday, May 1
  • ED: Wednesday, May 31


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