The Application Process

We make every effort to place all qualified students in their first-choice course. ATDP reviews applications on an ongoing basis, beginning when an application is complete. However, course enrollment is limited, and there are often more qualified applicants than the program can accommodate. It is generally advantageous to apply early, preferably well before the postmark deadlines (see below). The application process is the same for new and returning students. Students must reapply every year, and returning students are not guaranteed automatic readmission or placement in their first choice of course. Incomplete applications are not considered for placement.

Early Application

A limited number of spots in each course will be reserved for early applicants. Early applicants who are admitted will find early acceptance information in their online account. Applicants submitting a paper-only application cannot apply as early applicants.

As in previous years, returning students will receive priority if they apply early. Based on the number and relative strength of other early applications, an early applicant may be automatically converted to a standard applicant if no early acceptance decision is possible.

Standard Application

The standard application deadline is available for those applying both online and via paper form. Availability may be limited in the case of very popular courses. Those applying for need-based financial aid must submit their applications by the standard application deadline.

Extended Application

For courses that still have open spots after the standard application period, we will accept applications on a rolling basis. Financial aid will no longer be available for applications completed after the standard deadline.

New vs. Returning

A student who applied in a previous year and then withdrew without completing a course will be considered a new student for admission purposes. Students who have attended the Elementary Division previously and are applying to the Secondary Division for the first time are also considered new students, but their previous participation is noted.

Continuing from ED to SD

Many students return summer after summer, taking advanced courses they cannot take at their regular schools. ATDP is committed to serving returning students through their elementary, middle, and high school years.

Former Elementary Division students applying to the Secondary Division must demonstrate continued academic achievement as well as good work habits and citizenship. While participation in previous summers’ Elementary Division is acknowledged, it is important for students and their families to remember that readmission to ATDP is never automatic, and the academic requirements for SD courses are increased relative to ED.


  • Early Application
  • ▪ Financial aid available
    ▪ Must apply online
    ▪ Returning students receive priority
  • SD deadline: February 5
  • ED deadline: February 19
  • Standard Application
  • ▪ Financial aid available
  • SD deadline: March 4
  • ED deadline: March 25
  • Extended Application
  • ▪ Financial aid NOT available
    ▪ Limited course availability
    ▪ Rolling acceptance decisions
  • Final SD deadline: May 27
  • Final ED deadline: June 11


See our program calendars for the complete application timeline.


Acceptance Decisions

Approximately one month after the standard application deadline, ATDP will mail a letter to applicants who applied on or before the standard deadline informing them whether they have been accepted. Acceptance packets will include each student’s course placement, balance due, and instructions required for attendance. If you applied online, this information will also be available in your account beginning on that date.

Acceptance decisions for extended applications are made on a rolling basis, and will usually be available within 10-15 business days of receiving a complete application.

  • 2020 Acceptance Packet Mailing
  • SD: Thursday, April 9
  • ED: Thursday, April 30


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