Documenting Coursework




Elementary Division

After classes end, parents will receive a Final Evaluation summarizing their child’s academic progress and interests in class. It will review and report on the student’s performance and achievement.




Secondary Division

In late August, ATDP will provide students with their instructor's Final Evaluation of their class performance. This document can serve as proof of course completion and includes the course grade, instructor's narrative, and whether high school credit is recommended. Students can earn grades of A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, Pass, or No Pass.

Graded courses will also be listed on the student’s Cumulative Educational Record. This document acts similarly to a transcript, and shows the final grade and any A-G subject requirement met for each course. If requested, you can submit this record to the University of California for the purposes of college entrance requirements.

Once available, copies of both the Final Evaluation and the Cumulative Educational Record can be downloaded from your online account.

Reporting your course to high schools

If you will be requesting that your high school list your ATDP course on the high school transcript, check with your school to determine their policy ahead of time. Some schools may agree to list an ATDP course on its transcript while others may not. When added to a transcript, some schools may grant credit for an ATDP course while others may not.

Recommendation of high school credit

You must earn a final course grade of A+, A, A-, B+, B or, in some cases, B- to receive a recommendation for credit for your ATDP course. Upon the family's request, ATDP will send the final evaluation report and the cumulative record to the school with a recommendation for credit. As ATDP does not recommend credit for grades below a B, the records for such grades are only for the student and cannot be sent to schools. Students and families can create requests in the "Records" section of their ATDP account at any time; providing the email address of a school official will send an official digital copy of your records to that address.

High schools and districts have varying policies about whether students can list ATDP courses on the high school transcript. ATDP can recommend that a student receive credit for grades in the A and B range, but only the student's school can actually grant credit. ATDP's recommendation is for credit at the high school level, not for college-level credit. However, students taking AP-aligned courses can later earn college credit at participating institutions if they achieve a passing score on the AP exam.

Reporting your course to colleges

On college applications

Many Secondary Division courses are A-G approved and can be reported on the UC or CSU college application, and these courses will count towards meeting the UC/CSU college entrance requirements.

For other colleges and universities, many applications will include an opportunity to list your ATDP coursework, though details may vary. In most cases, if you wish your ATDP course to count towards entrance requirements at a non-UC/CSU college, your high school must accept ATDP's recommendation to list the course on its transcript for credit so that you can report it to the college.

See Including ATDP courses on your college application for detailed instructions.

UC admissions

If you are admitted to a University of California campus, first and foremost: congratulations! We hope your ATDP experience has you feeling prepared to join the UC family. Secondly, you will need to provide the admissions office of your campus with an official cumulative record of your ATDP courses. All UC campuses use an online certification service called Parchment that will deliver your official records for a small fee. Please use ATDP's Parchment page to transmit your records to your desired campus.

Note: ATDP courses are intended to count towards the A-G subject requirements for University of California admissions. Colleges and universities outside the UC system set their own policies for the use of these records.

ATDP's A–G course list

In addition to the courses that are already approved for ATDP's A-G course list, more may be submitted for approval throughout the year. These courses are listed as "in process" in our online catalog, and approval will be retroactive to include this year.

You can find the official up-to-date list at




Explorations do not offer any evaluations, and we do not have an official process for reporting your participation with them. You will always be able to access and see your enrollment record and participation in an Exploration through your online account.