Family Referral Program



To All Returning ATDP Students: Refer new students from another family to ATDP, and you'll both save $50 on tuition fees! Here's how it works:

  1. Submit your online application for next summer ahead of the Returning Student Deadline. At the end of the online application process for returning students, you'll be provided with a unique referral code.

  2. Provide your referral code to one or more friends. If they apply before the New Student Deadline, they can enter the code when they apply online.

  3. The new student and the returning student will each receive a $50 discount if they are both accepted to the program, placed in a class, and attend. The discount will be applied when you receive your child’s acceptance packet in the mail.


  • Will I receive a $50 discount per referral?
    Yes. For example, if you refer three new students who all are accepted and decide to attend the program, your returning student will receive a $150 discount.

  • I referred a friend who has two children who will both attend the program for the first time. Will I receive a discount for both children?
    Yes, each new child will receive a $50 discount and you will receive a $100 discount.

  • Do I have to apply online to get my referral code?
    Yes. The referral code is generated as part of the online application process. We are unfortunately unable to make codes available on our printed application forms.

  • If I receive financial aid, can I still receive additional discounts by making referrals?
    Yes! The combined aid plus discounts cannot exceed the original tuition amount. For example, if your financial aid award lowers your balance to $70, one $50 referral would lower it to $20. Two referrals would lower it to zero (free ride!), but the remaining $30 would not apply as a credit.

  • My friend applied but decided not to attend the program. Will I receive a discount?
    No, you will only receive a discount if both you and your friend attend the program during the same summer. Please remember that if, for any reason, a family you referred withdraws from the program, your account balance will change.

  • My child has attended ATDP in the past and his/her sibling who has never applied to the program will attend ATDP this year. Will I receive a discount?
    No, the Family Referral discount is for families that have never applied to ATDP before. However, returning families with siblings attending for the first time will receive the $35 sibling discount for each attending child.

  • My friend has attended ATDP in the past but hasn’t enrolled in a few years. Can I refer him or her and still receive a discount?
    No, only families that have never applied to ATDP are eligible to be referred for a discount.

  • Does the discount apply to both ED and SD students?
    Yes. For example, one family attending ED can refer a family who will be attending SD and both families will receive discounts.