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“At my school everyone says that science is way too boring. I love science. At ATDP, my whole class came because they love it, too. Not just the teacher, everybody.”
—Grade 7 financial aid recipient
Introduction to Biotechnology

ATDP is a self-sustaining program that relies on student tuition and generous donations from individuals such as yourself to support Secondary and Elementary Division programming, need-based student financial aid, and research agendas that further ATDP’s mission.

We hope that you will contribute to our mission by making a tax-deductible donation to ATDP’s general fund. You may also request that your donation be used specifically to support student financial aid or ATDP’s research endeavors.

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ATDP Families Give Back

October 4, 2012 in Give, News & Announcements

This spring, 14 Elementary Division families opted to”Give Another Child a Chance.” On behalf of our financial aid recipients, their families, their classmates, and their teachers, “Thank you!” ATDP offers need-based financial aid
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Unlikely Twins: Making Peer Effects Explicit

December 12, 2011 in Community Newsletter Vol. 4 Issue 2, Featured, Give, Spotlights

Public mass transportation policy is a career path for two ATDP alumni. Their post-secondary education and career paths are as similar as their pre-collegiate lives were dissimilar, until each came to ATDP.

Giving to ATDP

November 30, 2010 in Community Newsletter Vol. 3, Give

Looking at our students and their outstanding accomplishments, as well as our teachers and the joy they derive from working with students who love to learn, we know these are
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Friends Donate in Memory of Dr. Gary Griffin

November 30, 2010 in Community Newsletter Vol. 3, Give

This past spring, ATDP lost one of its best friends when Dr. Gary A. Griffin passed away. Dr. Griffin was an internationally respected educator, former dean at the University of
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Giving Back to ATDP

July 28, 2009 in Community Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue 2, Give

The 1995 photo of Nadia Hernandez and Laurie Mireles was taken during study break, during one of the many summers they came from Coalinga-Huron to learn and make friends. We
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Giving to ATDP

November 15, 2008 in Community Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue 1, Give

ATDP supporter Joyce Ng and her neighbors exchange dog-walking duties when they go on vacation and donate to ATDP the funds they would otherwise have paid a dog walker. It
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