About Secondary Division Courses

What is the average class size?

Secondary Division classes generally have around 20 students.

Is the time listed for homework accurate, or is that just how long it takes other students who aren’t as smart as I am?

The homework hours listed represent the average time to complete homework (not including studying) reported by the previous year’s classes. It is safe to expect that the amount of homework you do will be somewhere within the range given.

Will my school accept ATDP’s recommendation of credit?

Many—but not all—high schools have accepted our recommendation in previous years. As school and district policies vary, make sure to check with your school’s administration first if you hope to receive credit for an ATDP course.

Do ATDP courses count towards college entrance requirements?

If your school has accepted ATDP’s recommendation of credit, it should appear on your high school transcript and will count towards college entrance requirements.

ATDP offers courses that meet either two or three days each week. Courses meeting two days per week carry 5 units of credit and contain the curricula and workload of a one semester high school course (90 days of school work). Courses meeting three days per week carry 10 units of credit and contain the curricula and workload of a two semester (i.e., full school year) course (180 days of school work). Classes generally have a cap of 20 to 24 students.


ATDP courses require a serious time commitment. Students should expect to spend between three and ten hours preparing for each class meeting. To determine how many hours of homework to expect per class meeting of a particular course, refer to its description and new students especially should expect to be spending time on homework that is at the upper end of the range provided.


ATDP recommends credit, but only the student’s school may grant credit for an ATDP course. Only courses that have been placed by the high school on the student’s high school transcript can be used to meet college entrance requirements. We mail a grade report to a student’s school upon the student’s request and only when credit is recommended. Any report that does not carry a credit recommendation is mailed only to the student’s home.

ATDP recommends high school credit for students who have demonstrated mastery of a course with a grade of A or B. For grades of C and below, we assign a Pass or No Pass mark with no credit recommendation. ATDP courses can be considered for honors-level credit. Advanced placement courses at ATDP are identified as such in their titles and should also carry appropriate credit.

Check with your principal or guidance counselor before applying if credit is a concern.