Fine Arts Courses

SD Fine Arts Courses

Title Units Total cost Available sections
Expressive Art through Drawing 5 units (2 days/wk.) $700 0
Architectural Design 10 units (3 days/wk.) $1000 0


Expressive Art through Drawing
How do artists see the world around them? What transforms the everyday into art? How can I express my ideas through art? What is the relationship between images and text in a work of art? What makes art “grabby?” How do I choose what medium is most effective for telling my story? We’ll explore these questions and more in Expressive Art through Drawing. This course will focus on developing your observation and drawing skills, so that you become comfortable recording and expressing information visually. We will be covering a range of techniques for expressing ideas using various media including pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel, watercolors, and collage. Students will explore their imaginations and risk making mistakes to develop their abilities at using art as a vehicle for both self-expression and problem solving. This is a hands-on studio class.
Grade requirements: Open to all qualified SD students.
Homework per class meeting: 2-4 hrs.
Tuition: $570 · Materials fees: $130 · Total: $700  
8:30 AM – 12:00 PM Vena Geasa


Architectural Design
This course explores the built environment and introduces students to the architectural profession. The class focuses primarily on the formal principles of architectural design by examining examples from lectures and by visiting buildings on and off campus. Students will also develop an understanding of concepts in two-dimensional composition, furniture design, landscape architecture, and urban planning. Students will express their ideas in scaled models and drawings. The course consists of several week-long projects, including architectural drawings of existing buildings, abstract sculptural design, furniture design, and designing new landscape and architectural structures. While working individually and in teams, students will be able to explore their creative potential and develop their ability to work effectively in groups. Knowing how to draw or build models is not a prerequisite.
Grade requirements: For students completing Grade 8 and up in June 2014.
Homework per class meeting: 3-8 hrs.
Tuition: $850 · Materials fees: $150 · Total: $1000  
8:30 AM – 12:00 PM Ayda Melika & Mona Taghikhani