Location and Transportation

Secondary Division

Where can I find summer housing near UC Berkeley (SD) or Washington School (ED)?

ATDP is not a residential program. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide assistance with housing arrangements.

Secondary Division courses are held on the UC Berkeley campus, which is conveniently located a short walk away from the Downtown Berkeley BART station and several AC Transit bus lines.  Many families choose to carpool to campus, and information about carpool lists will be provided in the student’s acceptance packet.  For families driving to Berkeley, please visit UC Berkeley’s Parking and Transportation website for parking details.

BART Student Fare

For Secondary Division students who prefer the convenience of BART to travel to and from campus, BART authorizes middle and high schools to resell discounted Orange tickets at half the price of a standard ticket. Because ATDP is not a middle or high school, we cannot sell these tickets. However, if a student is able to purchase these tickets at his or her own school, they may be used for transit to and from ATDP during the summer. BART Orange tickets do not expire and, if unused, may be returned to BART for a cash refund.

Elementary Division

Elementary Division courses are held at Washington School in Point Richmond. Washington School is located at 565 Wine Street in Point Richmond, nine miles northwest of UC Berkeley. It is near the eastern anchorage of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.


For students and their families interested in forming carpools, ATDP provides a list of other students from their area who are also interested in carpooling. Families then contact each other and form their own carpools. Carpool lists are available only to students who have been accepted into the program and who are themselves on the lists. They are available a few weeks before classes begin.