Program Overview

A Letter from the Faculty Director

Wheeler Hall and the Campanile, viewed from Barrows Hall.

Even after more than 30 years of being steeped in the fine tradition of academic talent development, even after having spent those same years at the fore of those who saw the possibilities of providing the highest quality education to all of our young people, ATDP remains at the cutting edge of teaching and learning. Whether your family has a decades long tradition across generations at ATDP or whether you seek to join ATDP for the first time, WELCOME.

Over these decades, students have come to the UC Berkeley campus each summer to pursue Greek Mythology, Human Anatomy, Extra-Terrestrial Trigonometry, Latin, Foundations of Algebra, Architecture, Law, Marine Biology, Advanced Placement courses, and so much more. They continue to come to meet others like themselves who enjoy academic adventure. They come to thrive in an intellectual environment where they study with adults who love the subjects they teach and love working with students eager to learn. Students encounter fields of study and areas of research they might otherwise never have known existed.

Our vision has always remained the same: to welcome youth from all backgrounds into an academic community that works in a world of great possibilities. Our ongoing goal is to help our students to think and understand ever more deeply, in addition to encouraging them to rise rapidly through levels of study. We continue to offer courses appropriate to our students’ needs, taught by outstanding public school, private school, and university instructors. And, more than ever, we strive to help our students in their efforts to create a world better than the one they are inheriting.

We also endeavor to learn more about academically talented students: how they develop, what they require in order to learn at their optimal pace and to their appropriate depth, and what factors support or impede their social development. Toward that goal, we seek the active involvement of our students and their families, who sometimes participate in research studies and who always share their experience, insights, and evaluations. Presently, we are actively engaged in investigating the impact of ATDP writing courses on students’ sense of authorship and examining achievement profiles among ATDP mathematics students.  We encourage you to visit our website to learn more about research at ATDP.

Please note that our application process reflects our belief that students must be given the opportunity to present their strengths in a variety of ways. By requiring applicants to submit multiple indicators of their academic achievements, we then are able to identify and admit a diverse group of the hardest-working, highest-achieving students. As you consider the wide range of classes offered in this year’s catalog, we hope that you will find many that spark your interest and some particular ones that address exactly what you have always wanted to study.

Thank you for your interest in ATDP. If you have any questions, please call the program office. We look forward to hearing from you!


Frank C. Worrell
Faculty Director