About Elementary Division Courses

What is the average class size?

Elementary Division classes generally have up to 24 students, with a lead instructor and an instructional associate.

Elementary Division classes unite teachers who want to teach with students who want to learn. While our classes are academic, they are also age-appropriate and activity-based. Each course focuses on one specific subject, allowing students to gain deep knowledge. The inspired curriculum makes learning fun.

Classes meet three and a half hours each day and are held four days a week (no classes on Wednesdays).  Classes include a 30 minute recess period. Students who require full day care may also enroll in Explorations and/or Cal Adventures Sports and Arts Camp, which are also held at Washington School. Students completing Grades 4 to 6 with strong academic records are allowed to enroll in a second academic class if there is space. The invitation to enroll in a second class is sent with the acceptance packet.