Cal Adventures Sports & Arts Camp

How can I learn more about signing up for Cal Adventures?

Cal Adventures is a complementary but separate program from ATDP. You can visit their website for details, or contact them by phone at 510-643-2267, or by email at

For a separate fee, Cal Adventures—part of Cal’s Department of Recreational Sports—offers an onsite sports camp exclusively for ATDP Elementary Division students. This special program is available only to students enrolled in ATDP, allowing students to stay on site for a full day of activity. A supervised lunch hour transitions students to or from their ATDP class. Extended care options are also available. Recreational Sports also offers a full slate of exciting outdoor youth camps and activities that are open to the community at large.

For complete information regarding summer activity offerings, including schedules and registration, please call 510-643-CAMP (2267), or check out their website at: